If you are white supremacist/neo-nazi/militarist/pro-israel/homophobic/transphobic please don't follow my tumblr and keep you shit out of my sight, I'm just paying a tribute to all the soldiers.
"La volont√© est aveugle, la douleur est myope." - Ernst J√ľnger

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A Villista revolutionary c. 1914.
(Fototeca Nacional del INAH)

A group of Senegalese soldiers in the French trenches, 1914

Russia, Chechnya.  Young volunteers to the Chechen military forces pose with weapons in their home village. Heidi Bradner. 1996.

Captain of the 9th Inf. Div. in the field, 1968.

A Chechen fighter fires on Russian positions

Wounded Finnish soldier being transported across the Lutto River by boat.

In Rocinha, members of ADA, or Amigos Dos Amigos, meaning Friends of Friends in English, stay in the alley during patrol to prevent the rival gangs and police from entering the community. May 2007.  Q. Sakamaki.

A paratrooper of the 9th BCP (Bataillon de Chasseurs-Parachutistes) in July 1981.

YPG training center in Rojava. 

A captured soldier suffering from Shell Shock, The Somme, 1916

Belfast, Ireland 1969

From To Conquer Her Land by Poulomi Basu

A young Soviet soldier, severely injured, crawls towards his German captors after surrendering during the Battle of Kursk. Although the battle would end in a decisive Soviet victory, with the Soviets retaking an area along a 2,000 km (1,200 miles) wide front, losses were still heavy, with over 254,470 Soviet soldiers killed, missing or captured and 608,833 reported as sick or wounded. German losses were also heavy, but less so than for the Soviets. Germany reported a total of approximately 198,000 killed, missing and wounded in action. Near Kursk, Kursk Oblast, Russia, Soviet Union. July 1943.