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"La volont√© est aveugle, la douleur est myope." - Ernst J√ľnger

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Soviet soldiers are photographed on the streets of the Czech village of Cotkytle following the Soviet liberation of the region from the Germans. The soldier in the foreground carries with him an Waffen-SS dagger affixed to his belt, taken as a souvenir. Cotkytle, Pardubice Region, Czechoslovakia (now, Czech Republic.)  May 1945.

A kamikaze pilot in WW2 prepares for his suicide mission against the US Navy

WWII German Soldier in A Gas Mask

This Week in War. A Friday round-up of what happened and what’s been written in the world of war and military/security affairs this week. It’s a mix of news reports, policy briefs, blog posts and longform journalism.
The United Nations took over the peacekeeping mission in the Central African Republic, previously led by the African Union. 
Amnesty International has uncovered the extensive and horrifying torture practices of Nigerian security forces. 
5 UN peacekeepers were killed by a roadside bomb in Mali.
Egypt and Russia signed a preliminary arms deal worth $3.5 billion.
Egyptian activist Alaa Abd El Fattah has been released on bail.
Fighter jets from an unknown country carried out four airstrikes against militants near Libya’s capital.
ISIS released its third beheading video - this time of British aid worker David Haines, an RAF veteran working for the aid group Nonviolent Peaceforce. Here’s a brief profile of his life and work. The video then threatened the life of another captive Briton, a taxi driver named Alan Henning who was taken captive on his second aid convoy trip to Syria. 
Congress authorized arming and training the (non-ISIS) Syrian rebels.
President Obama and American military leadership show a split on ISIS strategy.
The three beheadings have drawn into debate the zero-concession policies of the US and UK. James Foley’s family have been deeply critical of the US government’s handling of their son’s case and treatment of the families of ISIS kidnapping victims. 
A second ISIS propaganda video featured another captive, British photojournalist John Cantlie in a mock newscast setting, wearing a prison-style jumpsuit and saying there will be more “programs” to follow.
The AFP will no longer accept work from freelance journalists in Syria.
France has ditched reference to the Islamic State or ISIS, instead opting for “Daesh,” as the extremist group is often referred to by Arabic speakers. 
Australia claims to have thwarted an ISIS attack on their soil. 
Christian Caryl comments on the incredible and underestimated power of collective rage in driving violent acts like those committed by ISIS.
"Al Qaeda denies decline, acknowledges ‘mistakes’ by its branches.”
A series of Friday car bombings in Baghdad have killed at least 17 people. Baghdad’s Thursday death toll was at least 45.
A new booming business in Baghdad defending people charged with terrorism offenses. 
Matthieu Aikins embeds with Syria’s first responders. 
43 veteran members of the clandestine Israeli military intelligence Unit 8200 are refusing to participate in reserve duty on moral grounds, based on the country’s treatment of Palestinians.
A deal has been reached between Israel and Palestine over reconstruction work in Gaza.
Serious fighting is ongoing in Yemen after weeks of continued unrest between Houthi rebels and Sunni militias. The Houthi have pushed into the capital city Sana’a and besieged a university known for Sunni radicalism.
Sharif Mobley, an American imprisoned in Yemen who has been missing inside the system for seven months, managed a phone call to his wife in which he alleged torture and said he feared for his life.
Politico goes deep inside the US’ first armed drone mission, in October of 2001, and the failed attempt to take out Mullah Omar.
Talks have stalled yet again between the sparring Afghan presidential candidates.
Palwasha Tokhi is the seventh Afghan journalist to be killed this year.
Muhammad Shakil Auj, the dean of Islamic Studies at the University of Karachi, was shot dead on his way to a reception at the Iranian Consulate.
A South Asian wing of Al Qaeda has claimed responsibility for hijacking a Pakistani naval ship and attempting to use it to attack US ships.
BBC journalists were attacked and had their equipment smashed while investigating the death of a Russian soldier. 
Popular Ukrainian football team Shakhtar Donetsk has been forced to relocate, along with other eastern teams, to Kiev for its matches because of fighting.
Ukrainian rebels says that new self-rule laws are not enough.
An intense border dispute at the India-China border in the Himalayas occurred while the two nation’s leaders met for a summit.
The CIA released a set of newly-declassified articles from its in-house journal, Studies in Intelligence. 
The White House has said it sees legal justification for strikes against ISIS in both the 2001 authorization to fight Al Qaeda and the 2002 authorization of the Iraq War.
Photo: Zummar, Iraq. A Kurdish Peshmerga fighter launches mortar shells toward ISIS-controlled territory. Ahmed Jadallah/Reuters.

KUWAIT. LIBERATION OF KUWAIT CITY.  A U.S. soldier and a column of Iraqi prisoners in February 1991.  Jean-Claude Coutausse.

A heavily wounded German POW being escorted by a British soldier

A young North Vietnamese Army soldier captured by ARVN troops is questioned, 1970.

Palestinian girls undergoing training in the Marka Refugee Camp in Jordan, 1970. [Jeff Blankfort]

An Italian civilian policeman provides an American soldier a refreshing drink of water following Operation Husky: the Allied invasion of Sicily and the capture of the town of Troina from Axis forces. The town was mostly destroyed during six days of fighting. Although both the Italian military police force (Carabinieri) and civilian police forces (to a lesser degree) assisted in the suppression of opposition during the rule of Benito Mussolini, they were also instrumental in his downfall on 25 July 1943 and many units were disbanded by occupying Germany, which resulted in large numbers of the Italian Carabinieri, as well as local, civilian policemen (State, Provincial and Municipal) switching allegiances and joining the Italian Resistance movement. Troina, Province of Enna, Sicily, Italy. August 1943. 

"Here lies an unknown English Lieutenant killed in air combat". Western Desert, Egypt, 1941


J’ai déjà croisé cette image plusieurs fois, et je n’arrive pas à déterminer s’il s’agit d’une image d’archives ou d’un film. Peut être que talesofwar pourra nous éclairer?

les-sept-couleurs Oui c’est une photo officielle des fonds du Musée national de la Révolution algérienne dont la légende est “Bataille d’Alger: Le lieutenant Grillot, du 3e RPC, avec ses paras dans les ruelles de la Casbah en reconnaissance avant les grands ratissages.”

US marines 

A british soldier offers a drink of water to a german prisioner, World War I.

An Axis Romanian Army soldiers stands guard on the Black Sea coast near Novorossiysk. Most of the city was occupied by Axis forces on 10 September 1942. A small unit of Soviet sailors defended one part of the city, known as Malaya Zemlya for 225 days beginning on 4 February 1943, and the town was eventually liberated by the Soviets on 16 September 1943. As a member of the Axis, Romania joined the invasion of the Soviet Union on 22 June 1941, providing equipment and oil to Germany as well as committing more troops to the Eastern Front than all the other allies of Germany combined. However, a coup d’état led by King Michael I of Romania on 23 August 1944 ousted the pro-Axis government of Ion Antonescu and Romania switched sides, joining the Allies and declaring war on their former Axis partners. Near Novorossiysk, Krasnodar Krai, Russia, Soviet Union. September 1942.